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Have you ever felt the stirring of a story within you, a book waiting to be written? Whether you're at the starting blocks with a whirl of ideas or stuck mid-way through your manuscript, our specialized writing services are designed to guide you every step of the way.

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Your book is more than just words on paper; it's a reflection of your thoughts, experiences, and dreams. Our services are designed to honor that by providing you with the tools, guidance, and support needed to turn your vision into a published reality.

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The Book Starter Program $300

Ideal for: Aspiring authors with a rough idea or initial notes.

What You Get:
  • Discover the core purpose of your book.
  • Develop a comprehensive outline.
  • Create a practical and personalized writing plan.
  • Weekly sessions to tackle common writing challenges:
    • Overcoming the urge to prioritize everything else over your book.
    • Moving past the trap of trying to write a 'perfect' book.
    • Conquering self-doubt about your ability to write a book.
    • Addressing the emotional challenges of telling your personal story.
    • Preparing for and accepting varied reader response
Why Choose This?

If you're struggling to give form to your idea or find the starting point elusive, The Book Starter Program is your roadmap to kickstart your writing journey. With structured guidance and support, turn your ideas into a concrete plan and start writing with confidence.

The Book Finisher Program $1900

Ideal for: Authors who have started writing but are facing roadblocks.

What You Get:
  • Personalized assistance to pinpoint where and why you're stuck.
  • Strategies to overcome specific challenges in your writing process.
  • Development of a tailored plan to complete your book.
  • Addressing issues such as:
    • Difficulty in maintaining writing momentum.
    • Struggles with crafting certain parts of the book.
    • Managing expectations and criticisms regarding your writing.
    • Balancing the demands of life and writing commitments.
Why Choose This?

The Book Finisher Program is your lifeline if you've hit a snag in your writing journey. Whether it's writer's block, narrative issues, or external pressures, this program offers the tools and support to navigate these challenges and bring your book to completion.

The Total Package $2000

Ideal for: Those who need comprehensive guidance from concept to completion.

What You Get:
  • All benefits of The Book Starter and The Book Finisher programs.
  • Continuous support throughout your writing journey.
  • Regular check-ins to ensure consistent progress.
  • Access to resources and tools for effective writing and self-editing.
  • Guidance on preparing your manuscript for publication.
Why Choose This?

For those seeking a complete, all-inclusive journey from the first word to the final manuscript, The Total Package offers the ultimate support system. It's a commitment to not just start or finish, but to fully realize your book-writing dream with expert guidance at every step.